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I founded the Wine Agency – Sales Agency Daniel Gligorov - in January 2005. The decisive factor for the foundation was the in-house exhibition of a wine shop in Heilbronn in November 2004. I visited it with my wife and there spontaneously presented wines from Macedonia. At this in-house exhibition were also wine growers from France and their customers tasted the Macedonian wines, too, and evaluated them positively, which induced me to start with the distribution of Macedonian wines.

Suitable for wines, I have long experience in wine equipment. In the past, I successfully placed corks of a German company in Croatia. Meanwhile I have mainly specialised in the distribution of Macedonian and Slovenian wines in Germany, especially among wine shops in the Heilbronn area and the largest and most prestigious wine shop in Germany.

Currently I am working on the placement of wines from all over Europe to wine shops and discounters. And brand new I run the online shop - mainly with premium wines from all over Europe.

Decanter 1800 Winery & Vineyard Toscana, Italy